You Are What Resides Within

Jul 10, 2013



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It is universally understood that when someone is born they are distinguishably unique – there has never been another one like them – but it is also at birth when society and culture begins to categorize, compartmentalize and generalize each individual. From the day we are born we are assessed, weighed, measured and labeled so that expectations can be prescribed for us. As we grow, most of us dutifully adopt various behavioral and demographic labels, such as “funny, Hispanic, Catholic” and obey the predetermined roles, such as “married, parent, employee.” But then a funny thing sometimes happens. A slow creeping sensation that, despite successfully fulfilling all of the prescribed expectations, there is something more to us that hasn’t been addressed. And that’s because it hasn’t. The distinguishably unique aspect of ourselves has not been fostered. Our individuality, our truest way of being, crafted by forces of nature and science more powerful than any societal norm, has been starved.

While it is true that achieving certain societal responsibilities helps us function within it, it is also true that the kind of citizen that benefits, not depletes his/her community is one who conscientiously achieves their individual potential. Good citizenship such as this requires that more attention be given to discovering what those potentialities are and from whom. Here’s the challenging part because it may conflict with current societal norms: who we are innately cannot be prescribed by someone else, nor can it be confined–ironically our society’s potential lies in the uniqueness of others! Therefore, despite the messages that are imbedded into our day, our potential is not an amalgamation of product brands, bank accounts or political affiliations. That’s why as young naïve adults we dutifully wear our labels, but as mature adults we begin to question their authenticity.

Humanity’s greatest achievements have been acquired by people who have adhered to their authentic selves, allowing them to serve as host and channel to the potentiality that created these advancements.

For those whose true self may suffer the pressures of external expectations, rest assured that there is a greater responsibility to your authenticity. Shaboo supports the strengthening of your full potential and your true self. May you bravely stand outside of the box where more opportunities will rain upon you. May you do what you love and what makes time fly so that you can cross all time and space as a carrier of enthusiasm and gratitude. May your own cup overflow with fulfillment so it drenches us all.

We hail “eccentricity” and full-frontal individuality!

You see, being the real you, not the labels, is the best thing you can give to others, your society and the world. Remember this daily before you step out into the barrage of external massages designed to categorize, compartmentalize and generalize you.