Wishing Isn’t Just For The Young

Nov 11, 2013



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For some reason people have labeled wishing as impractical, others have stated that it is what lazy people do when they don’t want to put the hard work into getting what they want. Others say wishing is for the naïve and therefore appropriate for children only. However if you re-package a wish as the power of intention, law of attraction, a vision board or prayer, it seems to gain value in the adult sector. According to Google’s Ngram Viewer, which graphs the historical popular use of words, wishing is used far less than prayer and intention and hit its all time low in the 1980s. Its popularity in English literature has risen only slightly since. Weighing the appeal of these synonyms can be interesting, in and of itself, but Shaboo prefers to use this post to raise the profile of wishing specifically.

Wishing (and we refer to constructive wishes) is the application of positive thinking in our lives. Make a wish and you can feel your eyes lift to an imagined horizon. Wishing is literally an uplifting act of the soul. It’s throwing a spiritual grappling hook onto a higher plane with which the brain can then wire a more practical path towards achieving. So while some will conclusively dismiss wishing as a hopeless, juvenile act, tossing a coin into a fountain, or gazing with hope at a star places energetic paving stones towards those desires that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Imagine sitting beneath a tall tree loaded with ripe fruit. You are frustrated because you cannot reach the top of the tree so, in this state of mind, you see no obvious way to obtain the fruit. However, if you keep looking at the fruit, licking your lips with anticipation and wishing for a belly full of fruit, you are more likely to make it happen. Your perception will change, everything around you will become a possible tool, you will analyze the tree trunk and passing breezes, you will examine fallen branches and continue to expand your awareness until the method with which to obtain the fruit is revealed. Wishing is not laziness, on the contrary, it is not giving up on hope, which sparks our inventiveness.

For many, wishing implies adolescence, therefore according to social standards, it is not what practical adults should do. On the other hand, it is being discussed in corporate, sociological, psychological and spiritual circles, that one of the indications of lackluster behavior is the absence of wonder, and that there is value in sustaining a perception associated with youthful vitality. Wishing pulls you out of what is and into what could be, it enlivens the soul, the wonder you had as a youth is returned, and innovation is reignited.

By all means, don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t let the narrow circumstances of today define your entire future. Reach for what your heart wants, despite what your current topography may look like and one way to begin movement towards your dreams is to energetically pave your path with wishes.

Wishes for you,