Are you ready to express messages on video?

Your unique self is the Secret Sauce and video is one of the most powerful tools of expression today. If you are looking to advance yourself and/or your business now is the time to leverage the power of you on video!

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Shaboo Prints Creator Veronica has developed a two-part program, The Power of You On Video!

Answering requests by many customers and colleagues to share how she became a successful “social expressionist”, Veronica developed this program to help you step in front of the camera and create eye-catching videos using the hardware and software you already have.

Not only does she playfully show you how to easily record yourself and create a dynamic video using iMovie, more importantly, she helps you assess your own style and encourages the growth of your presence as an individual, business owner and marketer.

Here’s a few ways to use POWER OF YOU ON VIDEO:

  • Blogging
  • Presentations
  • Create digital products
  • Facebook posts
  • Book reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Product demonstrations
  • DIY tutorials
  • Product spotlight
  • Personal journaling
  • Storytelling
  • Mission statements

You will receive:

  • Weekly instructional videos for your permanent library
  • Weekly assignments to keep you actively engaged and moving towards your video goals
  • Eight group video-conference calls led by your friend Veronica
  • Weekly reflective questions to help you discover your individual style, supportive of your brand and message
  • Support materials such as PDFs outlining tips-at-a-glance and resources
  • Exclusive membership in the Facebook group The Good Messengers, a safe and supportive virtual
    environment to experiment with unfolding a bigger you!
  • A video file of yourself
  • An up-leveled video featuring yourself implementing iMovie editing techniques!

*Casual Mac users welcome! No need to be tech-savvy!

A safe place to grow your public presence

Part 1: The basics of your presence on video

Safely and playfully discover how to develop your video presence and create a video file with you and your unique message using the Apple hardware and software you already have.

Week I – Hello to You
Orientation – What to expect, how to use your materials and the power of you.
Topic – Assessing your recording environment, getting familiar and comfortable with the recording process.
Video-Play Activity 1
Week II – Let’s Play!
Topic – The recording process using QuickTime, “unfolding” yourself on video and public exposure.
Video-Play Activity 2
Week III: Getting Real
Topic – Going deeper on video, the power of truth & transparency, sharing your practice video with the group.
Video-Play Activity 3
Week IV: Getting Ready to Grow
Topic – Nailing down your video message and presence, preparing for the editing process.
Video-Play Activity 4

Shrivel the learning curve!

Part 2: Up-level your presence using iMovie

Upgrade your video file into an extraordinary movie, following Veronica’s easy instructions using the Apple hardware and software you already have.

Week V – Hello, Get Ready & Build the Framework
Orientation – What to expect, how to use this portion of the program.
Topic – Begin a new movie project, upload media, elements to the video framework
Video-Play Activity 5
Week VI – Polishing the Bits!
Topic – Learn to crop and add transitions.
Video-Play Activity 6
Week VII: Adding the Flow
Topic – Learn to add titles, text and sound.
Video-Play Activity 7
Week VIII: Sharing to the Public
Topic – Interactive video conference discussing the process of completing your video and sharing it with the exclusive group The Good Messengers (FB group).

September 18 – November 6
tUESdays 11:00 Pacific/12:00 mountain/1:00 Central/2:00 Eastern

Specific virtual meet dates: Sept. 18, 25; Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; Nov. 6.
We will video conference for about 1 hour each Tuesday, using ZOOM.

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Got Questions? We’ll help you!