The Flourishing Firefly

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Moffi emerged from pupation with a different perspective. As a glowworm all she did was eat and rest, but as an adult firefly, she found herself questioning her place in the world. Physically larger and more obtrusive, she was often swatted at by nearby humans and she sometimes felt ugly and unwelcome, even among other insects which, in her humble opinion, where equally aesthetically “challenged.”

She instinctively knew that as an adult firefly she was supposed to find a mate but she doubted that her looks were going to help. That afternoon other fireflies were spotted in the grove but none noticed her.

It was Spring and the activity in the area was at its peak. Elegant dragonflies energetically darted about looking for partners and colorful butterflies flirtatiously flitted within social clusters. Moffi enjoyed the energy of the season but her giddy giggling suddenly stopped when she spotted her reflection in the small pond below her. She saw that her long awkward torso hung heavily in the air like a large piece of luggage and that halves of her brown hard shell stuck out from her shoulders like cruel flaps. Her translucent wings furiously flapped at her sides while her hind legs autonomously searched the air for ground. Nothing on her looked elegant and pretty, like the features the butterflies and dragonflies possessed. All of her parts appeared as if they were pieced together purely for function, not beauty.

Moffi clumsily lowered herself down onto a water reed, which gently bowed and bounced beneath her weight. She looked upon the pond’s surface and soberly examined her mirrored face. She noticed her antennae were thick and dark, like two long frowning eyebrows and that her black shiny eyes were disproportionately huge against her small brown head. Dusk settled over the grove and Moffi was grateful that the dimming light darkened the pond and overshadowed her unpleasant reflection.

She sighed and looked out upon the expansive grove. The butterflies and dragonflies retreated for the night and cricket song serenaded the oncoming stillness. She looked up at the deepening night sky and admired the beauty of the twinkling stars—it appeared everything, but Moffi, had a beautiful feature to flourish.

The night came down upon the grove and Moffi solemnly retreated into its camouflaging darkness.


The space around Moffi lit up with golden color. Stunned, she looked down upon the dark pond and saw her eyes twinkling from a light that illuminated from within her abdomen! Just then a festive swirl of twinkling fireflies arose from the dark grass and enveloped her. She was in the middle of a party in which fireflies winked at her with romantic interest and in the distance she saw humans pointing in her direction with smiling faces.

Elated, Moffi took flight. Everywhere she went, she pushed the darkness away with her light. She looked back up towards the once-envied stars then down at her own glowing self and uncontrollably giggled.

Admiringly Yours,