Shaboo Prints loves opening hearts and eyes with surprise!

When you see something that you love you just feel better.
Boy, oh boy! does the world need more of that!

Share.     Gift.     Keep.     Trade.     Mail.     Stick.     Scan.

A toe-tingling, heart-warming package of surprises for you to keep and share!

Potential card alive
Your Magnificent card alive
Moving Magnificent sticker

Download the Shaboo AR Scanner app to magically reveal these joyful characters! Easily works with Android and iOS devices!

Bonanza contents
Here's more WOW!

4 Cards that come alive to open your heart!

  • Four 5X7 inch high-quality blank greeting cards to send messages of WOW to others!
  • Each displays an uplifting message that magically transforms into a soul-quenching animation!
  • Easy scanning instructions are on the back
  • Includes four embossed envelopes
  • Each comes in a protective crystal clear pouch
  • Made in the USA

4 Collectable WOW! stickers

  • Four 3×4 inch high quality stickers (they feel like cloth!)
  • Re-stickable & reusable (no joke!). They easily peel on and off so you can  stick, peel and re-stick this love magic wherever you need it to be!
  • Won’t damage surfaces
  • Use the free app to open the hidden animations and feel the love as often as you like
  • Each comes with easy scanning instructional inserts, if you wish to gift and share
  • Made in the USA