Watch your FREE Shaboominar (not a webinar)

In it I will explain what imagination and creativity is and how you can use it to increase your success.

It also includes an Imaginovation exercise!

It is one of many playful techniques I use to help you become more imaginative and creative but that’s just the beginning.

My effective coaching helps you embody your creativity in your daily life so that you can use more to be more.


Online Products for Personal & Business Potential

Whether you choose a group experience or one-on-one facilitation, Creator Veronica will use her effective coaching and the proven powers of play, creativity and imagination to access elusive potential to expand your opportunities.

Examples of potential you want to access but don’t know how:

  • Business expansion
  • Career direction
  • Product development
  • Seeking new networks & collaboration
  • Writers seeking character development or new story lines
  • You know there’s more (capability, purpose, destiny)  in you
  • Embodying more of your creative genius
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