Your New Odyssey

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  • 8 Weeks of Mind-Blowing, Heart-Swelling, Life-Expanding, Experiences!
    Together we will travel to new colorful expansive worlds (without ever leaving your home!). We will enjoy captivating music and float to your happy places where you’ll connect with your inner creative genius using imaginovation. an innovative and proprietary method of idea generation.
  • 8 Kaleidoscopic Odysseys That Will Help You Connect to Your Creative Genius
    Each week you’ll receive a new immersive and uplifting odyssey coloring video that will leave you focused, relaxed, and tuned into your creative power.  Sit back, relax, and simply be as we float into colorfully imaginative worlds and experiences!
  • 4 Face-To-Face (Zoom) Playdates With Me!
    I’ll look forward to spending personal time interacting with you as l guide you and teach you how to flex your imagination and creativity skills in a way you never thought was possible!
  • Exclusive Opportunities to Connect with Other Visionaries!
    During your Odyssey adventure, you’ll gain invaluable lifelong access to a community of visionaries just like yourself! This is a wonderful place to make new friends, share exciting ideas, and find the support and encouragement you need to bring your dreams to life!
  • Oodles of BONUS fun gifts!
    Who doesn’t love fun freebies? When you enroll you’ll receive a variety of prints, stickers, greeting cards, coloring books, and more…wonderful reminders you can place around your home to inspire you on your journey!
  • Opulent and Inspiring Support Material!
    You will receive many fun graphic PDFs you will want to download and keep, ranging from helpful tips for creative breakthrough to opulent exercises for your imagination!
  • 60% OFF the Shaboo Prints Website!
    During the course of the porgram you will receive an exclusive discount code for 60% off products (some exclusion apply) so stock up on unique gifts for yourself and others!