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On This Day


The impact our individual existence has is far and wide. We likely don’t know the breadth of the ripple effect our birth has made but it is real and worth considering on each birthday!

If the philosophy illustrated by this card reminds you of the arrival of a special someone you know, THIS IS YOUR CARD! It’s just waiting for your personal note to send to that person you suspect is made of star stuff! Express gratitude for the inspiration you receive from them and create some of your own!

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Inside of the card reads: (THE WORLD GOT BETTER). HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Additional graphics inside.

QRCode, Shaboo Tales, On This Day, happy birthday greeting card, PasadenaGET MORE VALUE GIVE MORE LOVE!    Please indicate whether you would like us to include this tale in your card, as a QR Code! The receiver simply scans the included QR Code with their smartphone or tablet and they will also receive this uplifting Shaboo Tale™!

This card will spring to life!



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