Magic Ball


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We are constantly looking for encouragement and reassurance that everything will be okay. Magic Balls were really popular for this reason but one look into this little guy’s eyes says even more. His eyes read, “You’re special,” “You’re going to be more than okay,” “If you only knew what I know about you,” and much, much more. If you’re open to it, let this guy share some truths with you…

Each design is created using traditional printing presses giving you a better image quality. They are 5” X 7” in size (A7), printed on heavy quality card stock and glossy UV coating. Each comes with an embossed earth-toned (called Terragon) 80 lb. envelope and protective crystal clear pouch. All materials Shaboo Prints uses are recycled and inks are soy based to reduce the environmental impact. Shaboo Prints also supports small business and consciously does not contract with large vendors, except for the USPS, which can provide you with more affordable shipping rates.




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