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Shaboo VIDEO buttonsMost insects are considered unpleasant to touch, however, we smile at ladybugs and welcome them on our being because they are seen as attractive and considered good luck. So diminutive and unassuming, this wee creature crosses boundaries and serves as a powerful metaphorical emissary against prejudice. Do ladybugs remind you of someone who is equally kind and approachable? If so, their pleasantness deserves to be acknowledged with a kind note!

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This card is blank inside. The image is perfect for those who like ladybugs, for those who appreciate the philosophy of individuality, the power of  the meek, nature and for those whose characteristics are represented. Enjoy!

QRCode, Pasadena, Shaboo Tales, short story, greeting cardGET MORE VALUE GIVE MORE LOVE!    Please indicate whether you would like us to include this tale in your card, as a QR Code! The receiver simply scans the included QR Code with their smartphone or tablet and they will also receive this uplifting Shaboo Tale™!

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