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Fish Don’t Hit Rocks


Shaboo VIDEO buttonsA fish completely relies on its ability to cooperate with its environment. They move in schools with synchronicity and they travel using currents. They let streams of fast flowing water take them without knowing where they may lead. Contrastingly, we intensify the difficulties in our lives because we do not surrender to unfolding events. Instead, we fight them and even deny our directional instincts. There is much to learn from fish!

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The inside of this card is left blank. This image is perfect for ENCOURAGEMENT,  for sharing enriching life philosophy, for people who love fishing, or JUST BECAUSE. Whether it is used for the big or small ideas, it is an opulent gesture for those you care about. Enjoy!

QRCode, Shaboo Tales, Pasadena, short story, greeting cardGET MORE VALUE GIVE MORE LOVE!    Please indicate whether you would like us to include this tale in your card, as a QR Code! The receiver simply scans the included QR Code with their smartphone or tablet and they will also receive this uplifting Shaboo Tale™!

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