Box of Cat Angels


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Cat angel sightings are rare and limited to very important and very necessary interaction with humans.

When they do appear your world will seem the same but slightly different: Colors will be more intense and daylight far brighter, the air density around you changes and you will become acutely aware of the sounds of life.

The dramatic, opulent cloth they carry is used to hold your attention and emphasize their messages.

If you have ever considered that there may be more than what meets the eye or whether you believe in a sixth sense, these playful images are for you! They are designed to expand our realm of possibility and invite us into playful worlds where we may explore big ideas, dreams and hopes.

Eight unforgettable opulent cards at 30% off the individual price!

This box includes eight 5″ x 7″ blank note cards (two cards of each design) and nine 80 lb. embossed Tarragon envelopes.

Each design is created using traditional printing presses giving you a better image quality. They are 5” X 7” in size (A7), printed on heavy quality card stock and glossy UV coating. Each comes with an embossed earth-toned (called Tarragon) 80 lb. envelope and protective crystal clear pouch. All materials Shaboo Prints uses are recycled and inks are soy based to reduce the environmental impact. Shaboo Prints also supports small business and consciously does not contract with large vendors, except for the USPS, which can provide you with more affordable shipping rates.




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