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Becoming The Real You


Typically, the more you feel like the real you, the more you feel like you don’t belong and that’s because no one is like anyone else, nor are they supposed to be. Individuality comes with a sense of residing outside of any generally prescribed expectations. It can feel awkward at times but it’s what makes us, and the world, more beautiful thank anything previously imagined.Shaboo VIDEO buttons

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The inside of this card is left blank. This image is perfect for ENCOURAGEMENT, for sharing enriching life philosophy or JUST BECAUSE. Enjoy!

QR Code, Pasadena, Shaboo Tales, short story, greeting card, blank note card,GET MORE VALUE GIVE MORE LOVE!    Please indicate whether you would like us to include this tale in your card, as a QR Code! The receiver simply scans the included QR Code with their smartphone or tablet and they will also receive this uplifting Shaboo Tale™!

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