ASMR With Me 2: Coloring Journey Video Bundle


Feeling stressed? Need to get away?

Then leave your concerns at the door and visit Imaginovator Veronica in the World of Shaboo! You will color lots of shoes and give them personality! Those same shoes will then walk you deeper into your creativity and a reality where you are happy, rejuvenated and free to be!

If this doesn’t change your mood and make you happy, I don’t know what will!

World of Shaboo Paint & Color Journal + 9 episodes of Color With Me. That’s 24 pages of high quality no bleed-through vellum coloring pages with inspirational quotes and space to journal and over 3 hours of video with me taking you into an amazingly immersive creative experience that will return you to the Happy Place–guaranteed.

Click on the video button to the left in the product window to view a sample video!