Watch the Tales that inspired our cards!


  • A Wordless Poet

    A hedgehog gets creative in his effort to communicate a message to Lady Blythe.


  • QR Code, Shaboo Tales, YouTube video, short story, greeting card, yellow duckling
    One True Optimist

    A duckling’s optimism for life provides his flock with an unexpected treat.


  • QR Code, Shaboo Tales, YouTube video,short story,happy birthday greeting card
    Homo Sapien Extraordinaire

    Two hamsters search the Globe of Hope for homo sapien extraordinaire.

  • Inspirational blank greeting card with QR Code embedded short story.

    The appearance of a mysterious red feather helps trigger new opportunities for Catrina.

  • Shaboo Holiday

    A holiday Shaboo chorus of unity, celebrating holiday greeting card designs and more.

  • Just Because blank greeting card with QR Coded short story

    Jibb encourages his ostrich friend to stretch his wings with trying something new.