Watch the Tales that inspired our cards!


  • Husky’s Haul

    A sled-hauling Husky leads our Narrator into the World of Shaboo where the dog helps lift the spirits of an imaginative penguin.

  • Dandy Dachshund on Delivery

    A dandy dachshund, with a straw top hat, welcomes our Narrator who gets to witness the entrepreneurial dog at work.

  • Reaping Rottweiler on the Range

    A smiling Rottweiler, with a wide brimmed hat, lures our Narrator into the farming World of Shaboo where he demonstrates his skills.

  • German Shepherd & His Flock

    A smart looking German Shepherd takes our Narrator through the streets of his colorful village and on an uplifting errand.

  • Chihuahua Chase Video Cover Image
    Chihuahua Chase

    An image of a chihuahua becomes a portal to a mystical desert where our Narrator learns that life is okay.

  • A Plight For Flight

    Ophelia questions the traditionally accepted limitations of her species.