Our Relationship With Color

Jun 8, 2012


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Colors have a psychological and emotional impact on us. Their social value gets reevaluated, through study, regularly so that marketers can hope to manipulate the still mysterious relationship we have them. Color decisions are key in marketing. They help create the tone and personality of an entity, which is branding, one of the most valuable assets of a business. Making colors even more complex is the fact that we have individual associations with them, that’s why someone’s favorite color may be blue and another person’s favorite color may be yellow and why favorite colors and hues may change over our lifetime.

The study of Color Psychology examines how colors impact moods, feelings and behaviors and reports indicate that Color Therapy has an affect on our overall well-being. So ultimately, here is yet another thing in our environment that seems to have a relationship with us. It doesn’t have a density, like living beings do, and yet colors have a large presence in our daily lives.

Key to understanding ourselves is acknowledging the numerous relationships we have with all the elements in our environments. There is a constant exchange or flow of communication amongst everything, so living with respect for even the things we cannot see is beneficial to the quality of our lives.

Look around you and notice the colors that surround you. They likely reflect the inner You, or your current emotional state. Use color to help give you the life that you want. Color your abode, or send color (in the form of a gift) to someone you care for; use color to change the mood of yourself and others. It is there for the taking and there is an endless supply of it!

A very pink day to you!