Living A Healthier Life Through The Arts

May 16, 2012



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As food nourishes the body, so too do the arts (music, literature, dance, painting, etc.) nourish the spirit. The condition of our spirit powerfully impacts our health and vitality and resilience against negativity.

What exactly do the arts do for us? According to the Arts & Health Foundation, participation in creative activities not only improves the well being of the individual but of entire communities. The arts, in that they proactively improve the emotional well-being of citizens, has a practical and real impact which encourages people to become actively responsible for their own emotional and mental conditions. Essentially, the arts offer a real tool for people to use to help improve their own overall state of well-being, which supports us being in control of our lives. The arts are NOT about self-resignation, rather about achievement and excellence.

Shaboo prints spotlights varying arts. By doing so, Shaboo supports writers, dancers, filmmakers, painters, etc., by providing a selection of cards they may use and be proud of and serve as little paper representatives of the different disciplines, which are important to us all.

We can help keep the arts part of our lives by supporting our local arts programs and enjoying creative public endeavors such as murals and music. Feel the good!

Love live us, long live the arts!