If you believe in the POWER OF YOU ON VIDEO, then consider what leveling up your personal magnetism & creative iMovie editing skills could do for you!

Shaboo Prints Creator Veronica has developed an advanced program, LevelUP! The Power of You On Video.

This is for the basic iMovie user ready to build on their editing know-how. However, using advanced video effects requires an equally improved video presence!

We begin by exploring modern truths about leadership, the culture of transparency, and storytelling then customize them so that you may expand as an influential social leader and CEO. We will build upon your basic video editing experience, so that you may improve as a social marketer. Lastly, before expanding into the public world of YouTube, we will review your progress for areas that require further personal breakthrough!

Here’s a few ways to use LevelUP! The Power of You On Video:

  • Grow as social Influencer, CEO and Marketer
  • Maintain message focus in varying recording environments
  • Create deeper connections with your viewer
  • Up-level yourself as a brand magnet
  • Expand your virtual presence as a YouTube personality
  • Advance your iMovie video editing skill
  • Create basic graphics without Photoshop
  • Use iMovie audio/visual effects & filters
  • Create a branded YouTube channel!
  • Use powerful storytelling techniques to build brand loyalty

Safely and playfully discover how to adjust your video presence as an expanded CEO, learn advanced iMovie techniques and more using the Apple hardware and software you already have.

Week I – CEO expansion!
Orientation – What to expect, how to use your materials and assignments.
Topic – Diggin’ Deeper: What is leadership today, serving others through positive self-regard and courage and how this is applied to your video presence.
Video-Play Activity 1

Week II – Inspire & connect more deeply!
Topic – Using your own experience and powerful storytelling techniques to engage your viewers and grow brand loyalty and the basic ABCs of using a green screen.
Video-Play Activity 2

Week III: Get creative with iMovie! 
Topic – Learn advanced iMovie features, such as using transitions and cropping as punctuation, sound overlay and filters and how to make simple graphics without Photoshop.
Video-Play Activity 3

Week IV: Leaning into you!
Topic – Time to Breathe: Reviewing everything you’ve learned and how you can breakthrough and stretch into more.
Video-Play Activity 4

Week V: YouTube as a natural next step!
Topic – Setting up a well-branded YouTube channel, creating & organizing playlists, using hash tags, powerful titles and what’s-next links.
Video-Play Activity 5

You will receive:

  • Weekly instructional videos for your permanent library
  • Weekly assignments to keep you actively engaged and moving towards your video goals
  • Five group video-conference calls led by your friend Veronica
  • Weekly reflective questions to help you discover your individual style, supportive of your brand and message
  • Support materials such as PDFs outlining How To’s, Tips-at-a-Glance and resources
  • Exclusive membership in the Facebook group The Good Messengers, a safe and supportive
    virtual environment to unfold a bigger you on video!
  • Advanced iMovie editing know-how
  • A company branded YouTube channel

*Casual Mac users welcome! No need to be tech-savvy!


January 17 – FEBRUARY 14
tHURSdays 11:00 Pacific/12:00 mountain/1:00 Central/2:00 Eastern

Specific virtual meet dates: Jan. 17, 24, 31; Feb. 7, 14
We will video conference for about 1 hour each Thursday, using ZOOM.


Psst! There is a “Hello Again!” discount exclusively for those who
participated in our first program THE POWER OF YOU ON VIDEO!

Got Questions? We’ll help you!