Homo Sapien Extraordinaire

Jul 7, 2014



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“Not good! Not good at all!” bemoaned Foyl as he leaned ever closer to the globe with his large magnifying glass.

Churney shook his head with disapproval. His binoculars hung limp around his neck against the front of his sweater vest. “It’s never taken this long to find one.”

Foyl and Churney worked in the Library of Tomorrow, a place known only to critters and humans working as special agents on behalf of the Earth’s greater good. A very special object within the Library of Tomorrow was the Globe of Hope. It was an exact replica of the Earth and all it inhabitants and it was the duty of Foyl and Churney to notify the Spirit of the Earth whenever individuals, promising to bring advanced benefits to the planet, were born.

“Is it possible that the Globe of Hope is broken?” probed Churney.

“Impossible!” reassured Foyl who then paused, bit his little furry hamster lip and suggested, “But let’s check. Why don’t you go outside and let me see if I can see you?”

Moments after Churney exited the Library Foyl leaned back over the globe and intensely peered though his magnifying glass. There, on its surface was a very miniature Churney, jumping up and down, waving both arms. It wasn’t long before Chruney returned to Foyl’s side out of breath and looking to Foyl for answers.

“There’s nothing wrong with the Globe,” Foyl reported gravely. “I saw you just fine.”

Churney’s shoulders sank with dread. “So it’s true? There just haven’t been any new extraordinary individuals lately?”

“Nothing as of this morning, it appears so!” concurred Foyl. With heavy concern the two quietly leaned back over the globe, Churney with his binoculars, Foyl with his glass, and proceeded to use the next hour carefully examining the round surface for any new signs of homo sapien extraordinaire.

After a long silence, Foyl sat back to rub his eyes and stretch his arms. Churney disappeared behind the opposite side of the globe to search the other hemisphere again. Foyl blearily looked up, admiring the library’s beautifully painted ceiling. Suddenly, something flashed below him. He quickly lifted his glass and eagerly peered at the globe’s surface.

Churney was responding to his uneventful search on the opposite side with quiet tisks when he heard Foyl shout, “Found one!” He scampered to join Foyls so quickly he had to hold onto his cap.

“Look there!” Foyl pointed with his nose through his glass. Churney lifted his binoculars and saw on the surface of the Globe of Hope a small but radiant sparkle. He blinked twice with relief and swallowed. “Oh thank goodness, Foyl! Isn’t it beautiful?”

Foyl sat back onto his chair with exhaustion and patted his furry forehead with his monogramed handkerchief. “Yes it is very beautiful, Churney. The entire Earth just a got a little more beautiful and there is good news to report to the others.” He wearily motioned his plump finger towards the nearby telephone.

Churney scampered to the telephone, put it to his furry little ear and reported with a smile, “Another homo sapien extraordinaire has been found!”

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