Happy Un-Birthday To You!

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Birthday celebrations are timed markers to remind us of our value. Some prefer a quiet birthday acknowledgement, some not all, and others want to shout it from the rafters. For some, birthdays are joyous, while  others may perceive them as a loss of youth and years. Birthdays are interesting in that they serve as mirrors for one’s current perception of life and emotional state of being.

Shaboo wants to bring light to this because, in Shaboo’s humble opinion, birthdays are, indeed, positive. The fact that they serve as mirrors is excellent! They give us a chance to get in check with our current state of mind. Un-birthday days don’t have the same impact so the majority of time most people don’t become aware of one’s self so that improvements upon one’s perception can be made.

For instance, by perceiving a birthday as a loss, means one has resigned to the fact that their best years and events are already behind them. Is this necessarily true? Only if one wants it to be. A better way to look at it is that birthdays are annual starting gates. They are opportunities to start afresh, to try to achieve what’s ahead instead of being defined by what’s already behind.

For those who can’t get enough birthday acknowledgement, it is a chance to evaluate their self-worth. Does a birthday really make someone more special? Aren’t we all perhaps really special everyday? Not only that, but does the approval of others, or the lack of it, reflect the truth of their value? It shouldn’t because their value stays constant and that measure of value is always great. 🙂

It is true that birthdays give us a chance to stop our daily fuss to say “we love you” or “you matter” to someone. But Shaboo will continue to encourage others to send an un-birthday message of love and care. Heck, collect positive messages, for yourself. Yes, birthday commemorations are appreciated but, in most cases, they are also expected. Surprise someone and heighten the meaning of your sentiment by sending a message of love and friendship on someone’s un-birthday too.

Have a very happy un-birthday!