Gratitude Abounds!

Nov 13, 2012


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For the most part, humans are grateful creatures. Those who are not as grateful stand out from the majority as others politely give them a wider berth. Primarily, humans seek happiness and are grateful when they receive it. They are also grateful for the opportunities to pursue their happiness. Everyday Man is evolving further away from his narrow vision of primal survival to a wider perspective that includes happiness and fulfillment.

What an individual is grateful for is irrelevant, for we must be careful not to judge. What is important is that each individual maintain gratitude in their hearts. Gratitude is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. Without gratitude an individual can become consumed with a sickness known to every society and culture – insatiability. Gratitude is the manifestation of fullness, insatiability is the manifestation of emptiness.

How does one become grateful? Gratitude comes from practicing the viewpoint that we are abundant, according to life’s definition, not society’s. Whatever your situation, look at what you do have, not at what you don’t have. You will start to see many positives rising from your fog of gloom and you will see that what you do have is plentiful. Continue to practice this method and your mood will undeniably rise. You will become more open to living and you will create a positive snowball effect. Insatiability comes when we practice the viewpoint that we are lacking.  Continue this practice and you will undeniably feel lower, you will become more tense and live a  Have-And-Have-Not existence. The hope for individuals is that we have the power to change our viewpoint and that we are always Captain of our ship, therefore we are never unwillingly victimized by deficiency.

The mind, co-creates alongside our hearts our life’s perspective. Our hearts naturally want to gravitate towards happiness and fulfillment. However, the mind complicates things but it is also merely a muscle. If it perceives life with insatiability, it can be re-shaped to perceive life with gratitude. It just takes practice, practice, practice but it gets easier and more natural to see everyday life with more positivity.

The potential to make each day better than the day before is real. Yes! There is much to be grateful for!

Gratefully yours,