Emotions As Important Guides

May 29, 2012



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Emotions. What a complicated thing to consider, eh? Not really. Emotions are pretty simple and primal. How we perceive them and manage them (or not manage them) is what gets complicated. We can make emotions very complicated. Realistically, they serve as guides. They are so important that they have continued to evolve alongside us and become increasingly significant to our mental processes. If evolution clearly enforces the existence of emotion, then why do we work so hard, socially speaking, to suppress them? Well, it could be because they are individualistic and subjective, which are activities always threatening to the status quo or the established “norm.”

Emotions are so powerful, they are now being closely studied by business experts. In Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, the impact emotions have on work environments, the bottom line and personal and professional success are examined.

What Shaboo wants to emphasize is that emotions exist and remain an integral part of our ability to function. They are a part of our lives so to suppress them is to narrow the experiences of life. To live a fuller life is to feel more; to embrace that there will be greater highs and greater lows. To live a fuller life one must learn to also recover from emotional throes, in other words one must learn to bounce!

Treat each emotion with equal importance and don’t suppress them. Instead examine them and ask yourself why they exist, what they are trying to signal and how they are serving you as guides.  Love, anger, laughter, concern, up, down, all around. Live and enjoy the ride. Even if it hurts sometimes, you will be glad you experienced it later because they are all beneficial.

Ride the wave!