EMERGE Yourself

May 14, 2012



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People like people who have a strong, calming presence, who are happy and who are really good listeners. When someone like this walks into a room, they lighten the hearts of others. The funny thing is that these kinds of qualities are in each of us and there are steps we can take to bring them out:

1. Check your healths!–physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. Is one weaker than the rest? Does it need a clean diet? Some perspective? Meditation? Each are of EQUAL importance. If you disregard even one, you will become lopsided! A fully robust life requires balance amongst them.

2. Noise in the head keeps you wondering where you are at in relation to everything around you; keeps you restless and fragmented. A peaceful heart quiets the mind so you can SEE divine signs, HEAR important messages from nature and acutely FEEL the truth of your brothers and sisters. More than ever, work to keep the noises in your head down by keeping the peace in your heart up; eat healthy, exercise, meditate, keep a candle lit as a reminder, and use quality creative expressions like art, music, film and literature to swell and strengthen your heart.

3. Don’t immerse yourself in societal sludge⎯”your job and bank account reflect your worth,” “do as others,” “you are defined by sex, age and body”⎯EMERGE yourself! Those who step free from this tar may feel awkward and doubtful at first but they quickly become the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest and well regarded.

Regardless of technique, people can become the people they like by simply being more aware of one’s own condition (physical, emotional, etc.) and acting mindfully. 🙂

EMERGE yourself!