Dream Map

Apr 21, 2014



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“That’s it then!” Himmel shouted. He stormed through his front door into his home, ripped off his work apron and trampled it as he marched, elbows up, towards his secretary desk. “No more working for Tumi’s Bakery, no more being shouted at by Tumi!” Himmel grumbled as he threw open the desk drawer and picked up a rolled piece of parchment. He scampered his gerbil self to a window and unrolled it under the illuminating daylight. What Himmel stared at was a map, given to him by a happy traveler in exchange for a few biscuits. On it were several crudely drawn markers. At the uppermost portion was a large red X. Himmel gently touched the X with his furry gerbil finger. “I’m going to venture for my own dream!” he smiled wide-eyed.

He spent the rest of the evening carefully studying the map for what was surely to be a life-altering endeavor.

The following morning he walked into town with his map to begin his dream hunt. He smelled the fresh bread wafting from Tumi’s Bakery and he bit his furry lip with doubt. “What if I don’t find my dream?” asked Himmel of himself. “And I can’t get my job back at Tumi’s?” he worried on. He chewed on these concerns for another minute before his eyes lit up with recollection. “Wait a minute! I recognize this feeling from somewhere!” and he referenced the map. At the bottom half was drawn a small marker labeled DOUBT. He swallowed hard and pointed at it with surprise. “I’ve begun my journey!”

Shortly thereafter he came across Whithers and Stump walking into town. They cordially greeted each other, as all good critters did. “Hallo Himmel! Where are you off to?” Whithers inquired casually.
“To find my dream.”
“Well now! That there is a fancy errand!” observed Stump. “Everyone knows chasin’ a dream is not practical.”
Himmel’s eyes widened with surprise. He hurriedly removed the map from his coat pocket, opened it and knowingly tapped it with his finger. There in the middle of the map was a marker labeled NAYSAYERS. He nodded his head at Whithers and Stump with recognition. “Thanks boys! You helped me figure out where I’m at on my path to my dream!” and he skipped off.

Hours later he felt lost. He didn’t know where he was going. He was tired and hungry and thought about returning to town for tea and some of Tumi’s freshly baked biscuits. As he exhaled with exhaustion at the top of a small dirt mound, his eyes suddenly widened with surprised recognition. He excitedly removed the map from his pocket again and opened it. There at the upper part of it was a drawn marker labeled PEAKS OF COURAGE. He licked his dry lips and continued on.

Determination renewed, he wandered another fifteen minutes before he came across Jethea walking towards him from the opposite direction. “Hallo Himmel! Where are you off to?” Judging Jethea as a naysayer he defensively stated that he was finding his dream. Jethea examined his determined eyes and tilted her head. “Well, that’s a shame because I am returning from the next town with a business proposition for you.” Himmel raised his furry little eyebrows.

“Turns out Cherryville needs a bakery and I was thinking about starting one there—I’m thinking of calling it Dream Cakes. I may have business sensibility but I need someone who knows how to operate it.” “Aww thanks Jethea but I am looking for my own dream, away from the disenchantment of Tumi’s Bakery.” Jethea blinked twice then smiled. “I wasn’t hoping to hire you, Himmel. I’m looking for an equal partner with equal determination, who will receive equal respect.”

“Respected partner!” Himmel exclaimed with wide eyes and perked ears. He moved towards Jethea and unrolled the map before her. He drew her attention to the large red X with his plump furry finger and gave her a toothy grin. “Look here! Despite self-doubt and naysayers, and with a vow of courage, it appears that I have found my dream!”

Encouragingly yours,