Courage Trumps Brawn

Mar 11, 2013


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“Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne, Actor

Courage is also stepping outside of your comfort zone or away from the popular opinion to follow your inner directive.

That’s why courage is more admirable than physical brawn. It requires overcoming inner obstacles, rather than overpowering someone or something externally. Most will agree that inner hurdles are more difficult to surmount because they cannot be physically manhandled. Instead, inner obstacles must be influenced with an invisible force congealed and measured in strength by conviction and passion. Have you ever tried conquering something, not with your hands but only with resolve? Precisely. It is much more challenging. That’s why when someone, who is afraid of public speaking, steps up to the podium or a child, who tumbles off a bike, gets back on, or when a victim of crime remains positive about life, they do more for our societal development than any parade of muscled strength.

It is no coincidence that some of history’s most illustrious personalities have expressed that we should not hope to rid our self of fear, rather live a full life despite its existence. The good thing is that courage is inexhaustible and belongs to everyone, regardless of sex, age, size, income level or any other demographic. The other good thing is that it is being expressed all the time and all around us, whether it is by someone we know or someone we don’t. Rest assured, you are surrounded by acts of courage.

If you have witnessed someone you know who stands up after falling down, both literally and/or metaphorically, or who strives to overcome obstacles, whether personal or societal, send them an unexpected hand-written note of admiration telling them they are courageous and that they help make the world a better place for all of us. Also let them know that anyone flexing their inner resolve stands in the company of Rosa Parks, Neil Armstrong, George Washington, Galileo, Helen Keller, Beethoven, Nelson Mandela, Amelia Earhart, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci, Martin Luther King Jr., and many more who will be long-remembered for their courage, not their brawn.

Cheers to the courageous many, cheers to you!