Cosmic Arrival

Apr 7, 2014



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The little star felt a soft, distant tug. In its awareness, a long tether manifested attaching it with some far away point. The star looked down at the tether jutting from its belly then gazed upon its length into the distance where it presumably fastened with something else. The tether trailed into the dark atmosphere like a ship’s anchor line into the sea, and the little star knew it was intended to leave its resting place for the unknown point that was its new destination.

The space before it became attentive and alive. Like an honorable salute, all matter moved out of the little star’s path as if the entire cosmos was under command to assist it on a unanimously important mission.

Consciousness echoed around and about the accelerating star. “Where am I going?” inquired the star. “To a new point in space created just for you.”
“What am I to do once I’m there?”
“Instructions will be provided for you. You will find them stored within your heart.”
“What’s a heart?” was the final question from the little star before it hurled itself into the distant ether.

Space and time suddenly rippled like an unfurling silk handkerchief and with a sonic boom the little star flew out of the darkness like a cracking whip. Temperature and pressure fluctuations changed the stars hard surface into a thriving organic culture. Its alchemical structure became dynamic and it began to morph into something completely different. Increasing atmospheric density congealed the star’s cells into fingers and toes sprouting from its now soft fleshy mass.

Gravity yanked hard again on its tether pulling it ever faster into a galaxy towards a small blue planet.

That which was once a star, entered the blue planet’s atmosphere and experienced its second sonic boom. Its soft center began to beat with a rhythm that seemed connected to the pulse of life residing on the surface below. Clouds parted, like drawn white velveteen curtains and that which was once the little star, appeared into the blue sky.

Billions of animals below lifted their faces towards the descending object as if all life was hailing its arrival. Critters chirped and oceans ebbed in response to what was an important displacement within the fabric of existence.

Existence was now different, perceived by all life as new and invigorating and it responded in kind with wafting feelings of gratitude and enthusiasm towards the bundle of new life now descending upon the blue planet’s surface.

Plump with enthusiasm the new bundle cooed with wiggling fingers and toes. It knew it would soon land in a region in which there was a city, in which there was a residence, in which there was a growing family.

Just then, somewhere far, far away at an unseen point in space, another little star felt a soft, distant tug…