We combine traditional gifts with innovative technology (augmented reality) to provide portals (animations) for your imagination to enter and messages your heart will recognize.


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UNFORGETTABLE birthday animations! Open them up with the free Shaboo AR Scanner app and  watch these hysterical characters celebrate your special day!  CLICK ON THE PRODUCT TO WATCH THE ANIMATIONS

BDay Adventure

Featuring Fisby the curious duckling!

Preview Animation

BDay Daredevil!

Lenny Lemur celebrates head-first!

Preview Animation

BDay Genie

Faboo, the chicken genie, up-levels your birthday!

Preview Animation

BDay Wizard

The Shaboo Birthday Wizard attends your special day!

Preview Animation


INNOVATIVE! Scan the panels on the lampshades with the free Shaboo app and watch relaxing and uplifting characters and messages entertain you. Guaranteed to lovingly energize any space. Perfectly practical, perfectly comforting, perfectly Shabootiful.  CLICK ON THE PRODUCT TO WATCH THE ANIMATIONS

ZEN Beam

A large lotus blossoms a statement of wisdom that will lift you into tranquility!

Preview Animation

Good Day/Good Night Balloon Fun

Geetle, the meerkat balloon artist, playfully starts & ends your days!

Preview Animation

Good Day/Good Night Love

A white peacock shares inspirational messages for your morning & evening.

Preview Animation

The Wisdom Tree

This magical tree will share a random uplifting message that your heart will recognize.

Preview Animation


STORYTELLING windows of enchantment! Each character comes to life with the free Shaboo app and invites you into the playful world of Shaboo to witness uplifting short stories. These are good to send year-round, for any occasion, if you want to uplift someone in a unique and memorable way.  CLICK ON THE PRODUCT TO WATCH THE ANIMATIONS


This DAHHG! will lead you into the mystical Shaboo desert.

Preview Animation


Follow this busy dandy Dachshund on a funny errand.

Preview Animation


A fun tale of this Shaboo DAHHG! showing you his playful harvesting skills.

Preview Animation

German Shepherd

Join this Shaboo DAHHG! on a helpful errand.

Preview Animation


Send ENCOURAGING messages! Send these powerful messages and invite the receiver to use the free app (instruction on the back of the card) to SHABOO! these images! It will open windows filled with the supportive animations of Shaboo. Uplift and inspire year-round!  CLICK ON THE PRODUCT TO WATCH THE ANIMATIONS

Live Big

Relax and enjoy the inspirational Shaboo big horn ram.

Preview Animation

Unfurl Yourself!

An white peacock demonstrates unique beauty.

Preview Animation

Your Magnificence

Something ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Preview Animation

Your Potential

Escape to the Shaboo pond and watch something Shabootiful emerge.

Preview Animation


Stick, Scan. Play. Feel good again! Restick.
Put wonder and joy in your reach with these scannable, reusable, moveable, high quality stickers.


Scan these inspiring stickers to open
the Shabootiful truth.