ANIMALS Help Connect Us To Ourselves

May 11, 2012



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Humans are drawn to animals. Our relationship with animals stretches back to our beginning and there are anthropological and sociological discussions on the impact of animals on human evolution, genetics and behavior. Animals definitely reside on a separate evolutionary branch, but there is no argument that we have traveled through history and time together and learned similar ways of being that got us to here, today, together.

The human intellect is our most distinctive feature which has moved us into man-made systems and philosophies. Interestingly, we are motivated primarily by hierarchical methods which means there is a top and a bottom to everything we do. While this formula creates drive, it also creates a lot of low self-esteem. Despite all the busy work us humans have been historically conducting, animals remain a constant presence and serve as a helpful reminder of all that we are not. Ah! But Shaboo believes that animals can also show us much of what we ARE! If you think a peacock is beautiful, we are equally so, if you think a lion is strong, we are equally so, if you think a dolphin is smart, we are equally so in that we are made from the same cosmic soup and have landed alongside each other at the same place in time – yes, we are distinct, however there remain many commonalities. Shaboo understands that it is easier for some to admire the beauty of an animal than to admire one’s self. That’s why we spotlight universal positive human qualities using animal imagery. The animals make it easier to swallow the pill that we are also magnificent creatures!

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