Sep 2, 2014


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Emmins was settling into his usual spot in his fluffy living room chair. He elevated his loooong ostrich legs onto the otttoman, like he always did, and he turned on the small lamp on the small end table next to him like he had many afternoons before that.

“Rap! Rap! Rap!”

Emmins annoyingly looked at his front door. Begrudgingly he put the book down, lowered his feet onto the floor and took two long strides to the door and opened it.

“C’mon Emmins, you and I are going to try something new!” demanded Jibb. Emmins sank his shoulders at the proposition.

Jibb pulled him out onto his porch and gently closed the door behind him. “Let’s have none of that, Emmins. This will do ya good!”

Jibb entered the Spicy Soup Pot, a local establishment serving treats for the eclectic palate, with Emmins in weighty tow. They sat at a small table by a window and Jibb excitedly rubbed his wings together as the waiter presented him with an opened menu. Jibb held it high in front of him and Emmins sourly looked at its cover, now facing him—Menu O’ Life it read. When Emmins was presented with an exact list of options, he refused to take hold of it. His eye suspiciously followed the menu as the waiter respectfully placed it on the table in front of him.

“I will leave you two gentlemen to consider our many delights,” said the waiter as he backed away.

“Let’s see,” pondered Jibb. “Last time we tried something international. This time let’s try something daring!”

Emmins finally spoke, “Too risky…”

Jibb carefully put down the menu and addressed Emmins. “The only thing you have to lose is familiarity. There is no real risk, it’s all good, my friend! Stretch your wings!” Emmins frowned and crossed his feathery arms in defiance.

Just then the waiter approached, smiling at Emmins. “Do you have any questions?” Emmins sank further into his seat. “What specials do you have today?” inquired Jibb.

“May I recommend something dramatic? It will take your emotions to peaks and valleys!”

“That may be a bit too sophisticated for my friend here,” Jibb sarcastically teased.

“I don’t want a heart attack,” countered Emmins.

The waiter cautioned, “Well I’m afraid everything we serve here has a little adrenaline in it, let’s see…” Not giving up hope, the waiter resumed his efforts to entice his guests, “We are also serving something that will make you laugh for weeks!”

Jibb clapped his wings with excitement as Emmins jeered, “Yeah, right.”

“We have something very special, indeed. It is a savory event that has been created by our chef to swell your stomachs with gratitude.”

“We might have that for dessert!” considered Jibb.

“Lastly, We have an experience that will make your heart race with excitement! There are undertones of daring but the overtones are glee and accomplishment. It is sure to be a memorable adventure.” Jibb placed his menu down with approval, “That’s the ticket! Enough for two please, well done!” and the waiter excitedly left to report to the kitchen.

“Just think of it, Emmins,” Jibb mused, “In just a few minutes we are going to have yet another unforgettable experience! What a feeling, eh? Aren’t you glad to be trying something new?”

Jibb didn’t see it, for it was nearly undetectable, but ever so slightly was there a teensy-weensy grin on his friend’s face.

We are here to serve you,