Each design is part of a world that supports the real you.

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Self PortraitMy name is Veronica and I have been creating all my life! My grandfather was a successful wood sculptor, which was intimidating for me so instead of creating art I opted to study it and became a voracious creative writer. I tend to favor pop art but I can’t resist any form, really–this includes the performing arts and the literary arts.  After years of avoiding my artistic calling, I decided to give it a go with Shaboo Prints! I work now for personal fulfillment, more than anything else, so the products we create here must be rich with meaning. I only hope that someone out there also benefits from our work. Best-case-scenario we help spread positivity about life and awaken people to their own grand self-worth through Shaboo Prints!

Shaboo Prints contracts with small businesses using recycled materials so that your Shaboo purchase has a large beneficial impact — not only on your loved ones but on the hard-working, small businesses behind their keepsake card.

Paper Mill Printers

Shaboo Prints employs offset lithography. The image quality of your card is due to the expertise and equipment of Paper Mill Printers, located in Monrovia, California. Paper Mill founder David Panchal (left) has been in the industry for 30 years. Filiberto Gonzalez (right) has been printing for 20 years. The equipment pictured are Heidelberg Presses, which are known for their precision printing, scoring, die cutting, perforating capabilities and more. Thanks to Paper Mill, the opulent images we design are richly translated onto paper for you. Other greeting card manufacturers employ digital printing, which offers an image quality that appears more “shallow” or flat. Shaboo images are designed to contain significant emotional messages and mirror the opulence of life, so digital printing just won’t do.

Decorative Element

Shaboo cards are 4 1/4” X 5/1/2” in size (A2), printed on heavy quality 100 lb. card stock and each comes with a 4 3/8″ X 5 3/4″ earth-toned (called Willow) 80 lb. embossed envelope and protective crystal clear pouch. All the materials used are recycled (even shipping materials) and inks are soy-based to reduce our environmental impact. Shaboo Prints also supports small business and consciously does not contract with large vendors, except for PayPal and the USPS, which can provide you with more affordable rates.

 – Wholesale rates are available for retailers. –


Decorative Element

We affectionately call the young boy below “Roux Shaboo!” He represents all the things that are good and right with this life, and he is the muse for Shaboo Prints. His bright light and joyful heart remind us that we possess boundless unique potential. Shaboo Prints seeks to inspire that boundless potential in you and your loved ones, who are dutifully busy with daily responsibilities. Shaboo cards are designed to remind you of your distinct value and that your existence makes the world a better place. It truly does!

Express your love, gratitude, friendship, and thoughtfulness in a rich and meaningful way that mirrors this wonderful life.  Shaboo is for you!

Nicolas "Shaboo"