A Tale Of The Heart Song

Jun 26, 2012


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At the very back of the forest, behind miles of fragrant hemlock, lived a girl. As she gently placed twigs into the crackling fire, she looked at her younger brother tying feathers together. “The warm seasons are coming early this year,” she noted. “Yes, the cycles of weather have shifted,” replied her father, who paused from cleaning a fish to look at the sky. “Why did they shift?” asked the boy. “Because they needed to,” said the father. “Could I shift, if I needed to?” asked the girl. “Yes,” assured her father. “I would shift into a bird!” smiled the boy, as he held his feathers up to the sky. “I would shift into a horse,” commented the girl who drew circles into the dirt with a twig. “I could then go wherever I needed to, no matter how far, and not get tired.” She imagined having powerful legs with which to run then looked through the tree trunks and wondered if there was anything beyond them. The father sensed her restlessness and asked, “Which direction would you go?” “My heart would tell me,” she confided. “Which direction do you want to go?” inquired her brother. “Wherever my heart wants to go.”  “Doesn’t sound like you know,” chided her brother, who placed the feathers on the ground in a neat row. “I don’t know,” she agreed as she looked deep into the forest again, “but my heart does. I can feel the direction, but I can’t see the direction in my mind.”

The father looked at his daughter with pride but also felt pain knowing that the day she would leave was now in view. “It is the truth that the heart can see farther than the eye.” He thoughtfully advised. “The eyes can see up or down, north, south, east or west, but the heart can see where it is good or bad and can get information that will help you live, not just for today, but forever.” He placed the skewered fish into the fire then politely asked his children to prepare their camp for the end of that early spring day. The sun lowered itself beyond the forest and beckoned to the girl to follow. As she put things away, she felt its call to her louder than ever before.

May you hear and heed your own heart song,