Take a relaxing journey

ASMR Imaginovating coloring videos! Deeply relax, watch the creativity flow & soar inside the happy place!

Put your hand-written mojo in a friend’s mailbox!

Unique card. Shipped really fast, would buy from here again.

BlueButrfly / Massachusetts

We were looking for a teacher thank you card that was funny enough to make us laugh out loud. This did the trick. High quality!

Kneill / Texas

Love the sentiment of these cute cards. Someone will feel very special. Thank you!

Granddshop / California

Turn on a light beam to the happy place!

Lamps that come alive with augmented reality!

  • First-of-its-kind!
  • All our lamps deliver uplifting animated messages using augmented reality!
  • These lamps’ animations & messages will make you feel good n’ grounded again!
  • “Opening” the lamp is a great entry point to meditation & journaling!
  • Next evolution in home decor!
  • Includes easy instructions for FREE Shaboo AR Scanner app!
  • Use your smartphone as a magic wand to reveal the lamp’s messages!
  • Seen on USA Today!
Peacock DAY

Make merry ear-wiggling sound!

The Cheerytoot is a mood-shifting slidewhistle!